Tropical Scenario

by Voodoo Phaser

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All songs written and recorded by Riede Faires 2014-2015
Tracks 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11 recorded in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, and 12 recorded in Paris, Texas
Track 1 recorded in Fayetteville, AR & Paris, Texas

Track 4 mastered with


The Arkansas Times 'Rock Candy' Music Blog:

The Even Ground:

Things used on 'Tropical Scenario' :

Garageband drum loops and effects
Epiphone Casino (natural finish)
Cort acoustic guitar
Fender Stratocaster (sky blue finish)
Fender Frontman 212R amp
Epiphone 25R amp
Kustom Bass amp
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Nano Phase Shifter
Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger/Filter Matrix
DOD Envelope Filter
CB700 Glockenspiel
Casio Keyboard
Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Piano
Shure Sm58 Microphone
Air-duster Bottle
Coffee cups and pens
A stream of water beside the Fayetteville bike trail


released July 14, 2015

1/ the stovetop heats up, are you prepared for a meal? will you gorge, will you scrounge? all the people are going to the fancy feast of souls to reach

2/ lo-fi space-race, hypnagogic time lapse, a swirl that you like in your ice cream, not in your vision

3/ found a hole, connected to a Deborah Harry daydream

4/ natural photosynthetic selection, TGIS, the chakras align, just in time for the sun to shine

5/ drive there, drive back, opportunities arise, hindsight's a bright light, you had one chance to change change--clear the motherboard--we're sailing away

6/ don't touch that button, but there are a hundred! It melted off the face, the glory blazed, don't ask questions--better to be shy? Nobody knows why.

7/ Consume. Consummate thoughts, conjugate verbs. I just have one question, Dr. -- shall we partake in parting? Also, who invited Lucy? She can't do her job with feet on the ground.

8/ Astral walking, out-of-body-ing, Rod Kimble partying, Dave also partying, goodbye to the consciousness, goodbye to the consequences

9/ Did you stir the oxygen tanks? Lynne and Gilmour's interstellar high-five gone horribly right

10/ Flesh and bones, cells and phones, PWND and OWND, veiled and shown, one place you call home, the body you habit, so?

11/ pushing for a Spice Girls reunion...

12/ Death train rides into the abyss, we vanquished the albatross, fooled the Cyclops, but will we cling to the One Hope? Something keeps you kinetic--just don't regret it. Isaiah 59:14

Voodoo Phaser thanks:
Jungle Cycle, Dividend, Empire Kid, Cat People, Brother Moses, Molten Mama, Water Walk, Surf De Soleil, The Gillean family, The Faires family, Jody and Vicki Humphrey, Metzger and Desiree, Dr. Nate Korth, Jacob Campbell, Blake Capps, James Schlecte, Zach Tennant, Alexandra Freeman, C and C Guitars, Paris Coffee Co., Paris Bakery, Andrea Corrales, Noah Hubbard, Cody Nielsen, Matt Heckmann, James Lockhart, Will Stephenson,, Arsaga's Coffee, Paris, TX and The Almighty Holy One.



all rights reserved


Voodoo Phaser Fayetteville, Arkansas

Riede Faires

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Track Name: Tropical Scenario
Slipped on bananas
recall thy karma

painting the roses
out with the dharma

back in Fontana
tears that you cried

while they were out,
I looked inside

Tropical Scenario

summer, summer again
Track Name: Won't You Understand?
For now, for evermore
won't you understand?

they try to pique my interest
it seems to be a secret
Track Name: Chico, CA
I was thinking we were fine,
I was walking, I was trying
and the less that I am seen
gives my soul a new relief

well I hope to see ya soon
and I'm resting in the truth
Where did I, I miss the change?
I won't pick up the phone again

Topsy-turvy maybe soon
for now, I'll see you later dude

I was thinking we were fine,
I was walking, I was trying
and the less that I am seen
gives my soul a new relief

well I hope to see ya' soon
and I'm resting in the truth
Where did I, I miss the change?
I won't pick up the phone again
Track Name: Sun / Morning
Sun, the sun the sun

Take a groove from your habitat
find yourself, a lonely artifact
cracking gypsum, chamber feels so dense
at the gazing globe, sacrificed incense

Slight of her hand, slight recompense
time to pretend, time to make sense
and in the air, such a sweetest frame
at the gazing globe, sacrificed your name
Track Name: Window I and II
Saw you dancing in the sun
as the midwives cradle holy ones
only thoughts I'd ever sewn, echo
taller taller was the window

Flash nightcrawler of the moon
I'm sure you'll find out soon
Polished chamber doors are closed, echo
taller taller was the window

This could be the day you flee
cut the cord and vanish in a dream
there she was and then you froze, echo
taller taller was the window

Come on darlin' take your time
and muster up, oh maunder mantra-mind


Abusing words to compete with rhyme
sequences and the passing time
can't hold a flame to an open window

I strummed a gift which I made for her
welling eyes mask it all a blur
now the road diverts into many

I felt a warmth in her apartment there
she took a sip and her matted hair
dipped their ends, am I testing waters?

Getting away is enough to drive
I thought my love had a long shelf-life
quick to dissolve, still soon to curdling

Body took to the walk and flew
my mind followed into her room
what the hell, this is why I'm beside myself

The feeling that you always felt was true
the kind of love that deserted you
now walks alone, never to arrive again

this didn't go the way I thought I planned
oh now I lost to someone else's hand
the hounds of love drink from heavy bowls that lengthen

Wait until the flashing light is passed
give it up until your board is crashed
a kind retort, a false reboot
Track Name: Nobody Knows Why
It is hard not to believe
everything that you're seeing
he tries to hold on each moment
deliberating on sleeping in

I'm moving planes in the sound
I look and I'm not around
it would appear to be a pretty good disguise
I'm trying hard to be sane
is there anything to rearrange
oh well, I know well nobody knows why

sometimes the goblet's indolent
leaves him with more questions
I saw someone for the condition
action fights the inner-mission
Track Name: Dr. Korth's Prescription
you've earned the ticket
creatures will roar
sleepers will snore
to fulfill the prophecy

a real thanksgiving
one lonely rule
to try to be cool
and be sane

oh how you follow
went to the midnight mass
raised the flags, half-ass
and waited for the horsemen of the apocalypse

a tasty beverage
born to consume
death to refuse
and don't let it go to waste
Track Name: Wander, Follow
a corpse will not one day respond
you bind, revolve, and then dissolve
each step is bleak, stare at my feet
lead blind, then think, ego's beneath

wander, follow
I know, I know
I feel it too
gotta gotta gotta keep my cool

few signs, I know, onward to flow
you walk on home: I feel alone
Sun in her hair, why do I care?
been here before, now it means more.
Track Name: CarbonReason / Strange Reunions
Brace, initiate
not too far, it's too late
gotta retrace my steps
else my mind intercepts

there's a place I can flee
no one cares,
no one sees
buzzing synth from the home
and I'm not even close
You will never feel in my shoes
for perspectives refuse
floating up to the change
but it still feels the same

your opinion stated as a fact is not the truth
when you close your eyes,
there is a land and it's deep inside of you

sucks to be the one who knows
what is and isn't meant to be
when the frothing chalice steams
it must be history

strange reunions,
all these illusions
that you make up in your mind

oh, wait for the time
Track Name: Evasionism
Do you see the difference?
and my world is changing yet
and I don't remember
you could always say it best

what escapes the futuristic feel?
astral-shading on hypnotic heels
Track Name: Absent-Minded
Tomorrows drifting into better streams
and I feel geometrically
how we all should behave
the love that we should exchange

saving grace for other days
I'd rather save my time to waste
it's pleasant that you're better off
while I internalize my thoughts

absent minded

creaking windows enduring weight
receptors concede to perturbate
you won't see the winds of change
and won't care if it stays away

and truth has stumbled in the streets
the people that you'll never meet

My lot was gone before I'd known
and I could not cast a spell
though out my door, it seems to grow
she will linger, I can tell

while the life, it makes its way
I realize all my mistakes
in the night, begins to hex
and I won't make it to the next

what's the price for better cause?
they raised the interest on the flaws

well it's time to mow the lawn
hang some lights, climb a tree
and aiming at the Doric strength,
accidentally shot the breeze

illusions of the mind at dawn
a vision conjured up in time
never questioning the law
a phantom limb, I can't define

I'd hoped to see in Kansas towns
while I kept dozing off to rest
only waking silo-stilts
could activate what I digress